Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which One?

So, I think most of you are aware that I seek the approval
or acknowledgment from my husband when I create (what I think is)
a masculine card. This has not happened yet... it may not - unless SU
comes out with some camo stamps or something "more manly".

I decided that I needed to come up with something good
for his Valentine this year. The first one I made with the MAN
mindset. I figured a man would like boobs on a card, right?
I saw this idea while blog surfing and forgot to bookmark.
I wish I could credit the proper person for this idea, but I
couldn't find it again! Sorry! This was not my creative idea!

(Man Card)

Several days after I created the MAN card I came across a card
made by Cindy Major. Click here to see her card. Hubby is
always teasing me about my obsession for stamps and stamping.
So, when I read the sentiment Cindy used - I just knew I had to
CASE this card! What do you think?

(Luv U More Than Stamps)

I'd love your opinion! I have posted a poll at the right hand side
of my blog. Please vote on which card you think I should give
to my hubby! I'd love your opinions and comments!

Thanks for stopping by!!
-- Jenny :0)


m said...

OMG! The boobs are too funny and too cute!! However, the I heart stamps is totally you. i say give both, then enjoy your vday together!

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