Thursday, February 11, 2010

Which One?

So, I think most of you are aware that I seek the approval
or acknowledgment from my husband when I create (what I think is)
a masculine card. This has not happened yet... it may not - unless SU
comes out with some camo stamps or something "more manly".

I decided that I needed to come up with something good
for his Valentine this year. The first one I made with the MAN
mindset. I figured a man would like boobs on a card, right?
I saw this idea while blog surfing and forgot to bookmark.
I wish I could credit the proper person for this idea, but I
couldn't find it again! Sorry! This was not my creative idea!

(Man Card)

Several days after I created the MAN card I came across a card
made by Cindy Major. Click here to see her card. Hubby is
always teasing me about my obsession for stamps and stamping.
So, when I read the sentiment Cindy used - I just knew I had to
CASE this card! What do you think?

(Luv U More Than Stamps)

I'd love your opinion! I have posted a poll at the right hand side
of my blog. Please vote on which card you think I should give
to my hubby! I'd love your opinions and comments!

Thanks for stopping by!!
-- Jenny :0)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Bot Valentines

This year the kiddos will be giving the new Stampin' Up!
Love Bot Valentines to their classmates! Aren't they adorable?!
You receive 30 Valentine boxes with clear closure stickers
for just $9.95. Purchase a personalized name stamp to go
along with them for $9.95 also.

Chloe and Jack love their stamps! They have stamped their
names on just about everything... books.... artwork.. their hands!

Each box contains one fun size package of M&M's with room
to spare. I was hoping to put an Oatmeal Cream Pie in each one,
but they were a tad too big. Hope that gives you an idea of the size.
(Actual Dimensions are 3"x 3" x 5/8")

(Click Photos To Enlarge)

Awwww... I just love them! Hope you do too!

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!
-- Jenny :0)

Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Look!

Maybe it's this tiresome winter weather that seems to be
dragging on and on... .and the fact that I can't wait until Spring...
I just needed a change! How do you like my new look? Speaking
of new things... don't forget to check out all of the new products
available in the Occasions Mini Catalog! Contact me with any
questions or to place an order! Happy Monday! :0)
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