Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guest Stamper!

Meet today's guest stamper: Jack Young!
Jack is my 3 year old son. He is showing you a sneak peek
of a new stamp set featured in the upcoming SU Holiday
Mini Catalog available September 1, 2009. Jack made
this special card for his friend Caroline's Birthday Party
this morning. He is very excited and can't wait to give it to her!

He used a variety of color.... I think he's developing
quite an eye for design. Notice the balance and attention
to detail. I hope he has inspired you today!

Yes, I helped with the signature, but he did the outline!
Check back soon for guest stamper Chloe Young.

Thanks for stopping by! -- Jenny :0)


m said...

This is your cutest posting yet! Go Jack! He did a wonderful job on the card. I'll take my design techinque tips from him from now on. -D

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